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(Exotics) Airheadz 55% Indica / 45% Sativa

(Exotics) Airheadz 55% Indica / 45% Sativa


THC 29-33±%


3.5g $55

7g $100

14g $175

28g $300

Airheadz is a potent and flavorful hybrid strain that combines 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genetics. This exotic strain is known for its strong effects that provide a powerful and long-lasting high, making it a favorite among experienced cannabis connoisseurs. With its unique blend of genetics, Airheadz offers a balanced experience that delivers a relaxing body high while also stimulating the mind. The buds are dense and covered in a thick layer of trichomes, giving off a sweet and earthy aroma with hints of citrus. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, stress, or insomnia, Airheadz is the perfect choice for those looking for a strong and enjoyable high.  Airheadz is not for the faint of heart, and is ideal for experienced users looking for a heavy-hitting experience. 

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